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At AFOLABI, we assess each client's specific circumstance. Some may require a relatively straight-forward approach to estate planning, resulting in a stand-alone Will, while others require something a bit more complex, with multiple estate documents in the mix.

In estate administration, some may simply require advice as they undertake the settlement of a simple estate, while others require us to act as estate trustees - sidestepping the trip wires and clearing the road-blocks on the path to an efficiently settled estate.

Whatever your circumstance, our objective is to deliver a solution that fits - hand in glove.

Our drafting service can result in a wide compendium of documents: from the centerpiece Will, to Powers of Attorney for Property and for Personal Care, trust deeds, revised corporate Articles, corporate resolutions, and so on.

We also provide a Will storage service, ensuring your important estate documents are in a safe place, and is available to you or to your executor when needed.

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