The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program
The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) offers multiple streams designated to attract different qualified candidates based on their skills, work experience and expertise.

Alberta’s goal through this program is to identify and invite qualified individuals to fill or assist with the filled-jobs shortage in the Province by taking on employment or beginning businesses within the province. The candidates must, of course, possess the desire to settle in Canada, and the ability to provide for themselves, and if relevant their families, while contributing to the economy.

Individuals with an Express Entry profile may be invited to apply for nomination for permanent residency by AAIP. The AAIP will identify qualified candidates using the minimum criteria determined for application. Those who do meet the criteria will receive an electronic invitation to submit their application, at which point candidates must doubly verify for themselves that they meet the assessment criteria.

The AAIP offers multiple streams for different qualifications.

Streams for Workers

Alberta Opportunity Stream
Applicants must have an offer of employment from an Alberta employee.

Alberta Express Entry Stream
Applicants may be invited by the AAIP to apply for nomination through their Express Entry profile.

Tech workers can qualify for an expedited process under the Accelerated Tech Pathway.

Rural Renewal Stream
Applicants must have an offer of employment in a designated rural community.

Streams for Entrepreneurs

Rural Entrepreneur Stream
For applicants who want to begin or purchase a new or existing business in a rural community.

Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
For international graduates from post-secondary institutions recognized by the province of Alberta who wish to start or buy a business in Alberta.

Farm Stream
For experienced farmers who plan to purchase or start a farm in Alberta.

Requirements are specific to the stream being pursued. To name a few, candidates may need to meet minimum eligibility criteria for language proficiency, education, occupation, as well as work experience. The requirements may include possessing an offer of employment or being already employed in the Province of Alberta.

Although this is a provincial immigration program, the Canadian federal government is responsible for making the final decisions on applications for permanent residency. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) oversees these applications. Individuals who are nominated through the AAIP may also apply for permanent residency for their family (i.e. spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children).

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