Immigrate for Business
You are an entrepreneur. Or an employee in a multinational corporation. You are attuned to the pulse of commerce. Canada is interested in you.

Canada offers great settlement opportunities to persons with a business orientation. Every year, thousands of ambitious persons secure Canadian permanent residency and citizenship. You could soon count yourself in their ranks.

The objective Canada's business immigration programs is the encouragement of investment and employment through the settlement of persons with the ability to successfully establish, invest in, or propel businesses.

In general, five routes (with many sub-routes) are available to you if you are considering business class immigration or a work permit:

1) Start-Up Visa: To qualify by way of this route you must possess a qualifying business, pass a language evaluation, secure a letter of support (and funding) from an approved business support entity, and possess enough funds to successfully settle in Canada.

2) Entrepreneur Program: To qualify by way of this route you must establish or purchase a business, engage in the ongoing management of the business, and employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other than yourself and your dependents.

3) Self-Employment Program: To qualify by way of this route you must have relevant experience in the area of endeavour chosen, meet the required points-based criteria, and be able to pursue self-employment.

4) Provincial Nominee Program: Various provinces operate their own business-oriented immigration programs. These usually require both a "net worth" component, a business component, and a geographic location component.

5) Corporate Immigration Program: This route is typically reserved for established corporations interested in the movement of employees across borders.
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Canada has a complex immigration system.

Your future, as well as that of your family, business, and career, depends on the competent navigation of that system. Many apply, but not all are accepted.

As a result, using the services of a competent immigration lawyer can mean the difference between the realisation of your dreams on the one hand, and the forfeiture of those dreams on the other.

At AFOLABI, the focus is on helping you avoid pitfalls, helping to maximise your chances of success, and thus, helping to propel your business objectives or turn your dreams into reality.

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