You've worked hard and continue to do so.

Your Will is the centrepiece of your estate plan - it implement your legacy.

Our approach to drafting your Will is premised on experience, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.
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Wills may be complex. Using legal services don't have to be.

We keep it simple - meet, draft, review, sign.

Book below and we'll take care of the rest. Your questions will be answered in person or by video. We'll explain the laws that apply to you.

We roll up our sleeves and create your estate documents - ones that fit you hand-in-glove.

We send over your documents and give you the time to review them, to ask more questions, and to request any changes.

Wills have special signing requirements. Whether you are signing in person or by video, we make sure your signing is done right.
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A bad Will is worse than no Will at all.


It gives a false sense of safety …
… so the owner of the Will rests easy until the day comes when the mess is revealed.

It leaves an estate leaking money …
… through unplugged tax holes, lacking requirements, or terms that result in court battles.

It provides a rude shock …
… to inheritors who think they are getting an asset until they realise the operation of law makes it impossible.

It turns out to be just a collection of stapled paper …
… when a court decides probate of the Will can't be accomplished.
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You're not a cookie. You are unique. A cookie-cutter Will won't cut it for you.

It won't account for your experiences, efforts, striving, nurturing, hopes, and dreams.

Plus, Ontario Wills have their quirks.

Did you know that in Ontario …

… a business person can have two valid Wills?

… some assets can be given to beneficiaries twice over in the same Will?

… some assets result in an automatic tax trigger at death unless you plan properly to avoid the tax?

… a spouse can ignore a Will and so make a mess of an estate?

… the estate rights of common law spouses are still very different from those of married spouses?

… the probate of a Will after death is pretty much impossible unless the probate tax is paid upfront?

… real estate held in "joint tenancy" won't pass through a Will even if the owner of the Will says it should?

… naming a guardian for a minor child in a Will is not the final word on that guardianship?

… RRSPs, TFSAs, and similar accounts can be passed on outside a Will in order to avoid tax?

… dying without a Will results in a distribution formula that can mean the government takes a cut, or takes the lot?

Just ten of many quirks.
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